Tatro® Steals Hearts For Animal Adoption, Launches Project to Find Forever Homes

Tatro® Steals Hearts For Animal Adoption, Launches Project to Find Forever Homes

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Tatro® steals hearts for animal adoption and launches the Express Yourself Project: Help Animals in Need to find animals forever homes. Raise your voice this month through February. You can help animals through awareness and adoption. The project kicks off January 13th in partnership with the Companion Animal Alliance open-intake shelter.

The Express Yourself Project brings awareness to a group of animals called the “Lonely Hearts”. These animals have been in the shelter for a significant period of time. What makes them different will make their adoption rewarding. The Express Yourself Project’s goal is to find each Lonely Heart a forever home. The project is presented online through posts and videos to encourage Lonely Heart adoption. Follow us at http://www.facebook.com/tatrotoy or stay in touch through the project’s page here.

The Tatro® vision is to encourage expression through imagination. We believe that when you find expression, you find your voice. When you find your voice, you can be heard. When you can be heard, you can affect change in a positive way. Often, it’s the most vulnerable groups like the Lonely Hearts that need the loudest voice. The Express Yourself Project gives them a platform to be heard. These animals are often overlooked for various reasons. Some may require extra care but the bond they create with their forever home will be incredibly strong.

Tatro® will cover adoption fees for the first 5 Lonely Hearts adopted through the project. The organization will also match those fees and donate to animal rescue efforts during the Australian bushfires.

Visit the Express Yourself Project online to learn more. Adopt a Lonely Heart and raise your voice in support of animals in need: www.tatrotoys.com/expressyourself.

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