Virtual Halloween 2020: Everything You Need to Keep Your Kids Entertained

Virtual Halloween 2020: Everything You Need to Keep Your Kids Entertained

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There are many ways to enjoy a safe and socially-distanced Halloween this year! We searched the internet for all things safe and fun to do at home. From virtual haunted houses to Zoom parties, we’ve got you covered to make the most out of Halloween 2020. We’ll continue to update the post when we find fun new activities so check back often! If you would like to add a resource please email us at

This is one of the best and quickest resources we’ve found with Halloween alternatives based on COVID-19 cases in your area. (US Only)

UPDATED October 27th
Sortable Resource List: 65+ resources with over 600+ activities. Includes all links below.

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A special thanks to all moms, dads, and caregivers this Halloween!

Nickelodeon Ultimate Haunted House

Virtual Tour of Disney's Haunted Mansion Ride

Virtual Tour of Disney's Phantom Manor

Make Your Own Howler with LASM
Make Your Own Magic Wand with LASM
Make Your Own Monster Bookmarks with LASM
Full LASM Halloween Experience

From spellbound games to bank heists and more, these online adventures are as thrilling and challenging as the real thing.

Love haunted houses?

In this class, you’l learn to create one using virtual reality tools (VR), so that ghosts can roam the halls, monsters can mash, and floorboards can creak!

Participants will learn about VR and then work together in small groups to create spooky immersive experiences. By the end of the class students will be able to share their VR experiences with each other.

One Session House for Ages 9-14

Price: $8.99

Enjoy unprecedented access to the world’s most bizarre mansion with an all-new tour —The Winchester Mystery House Immersive 360° Tour. This virtual experience allows guests to independently roam each level of the mansion, while exploring many rooms previously inaccessible on standard Estate tours. The Immersive 360° Tour is available now for $8.99. 

This site is geared more towards business and teams but could easily apply to fun activities for the kids at home.

Virtual Halloween parties are Halloween celebrations held on video conferencing software like Zoom, Skype, or WebEx. These events engage and entertain remote teams while providing memorable holiday experiences. You may also call this event a “Zoom Halloween party”, “online Halloween party”, or “remote Halloween.”

Tap into your imagination from the comfort of your own home this Halloween season with the guidance of an experienced Play-Well instructor and simple pieces from your own LEGO® collection. Students will explore their creative boundaries and learn new building techniques while creating haunted houses and other spooky decorations. We know your Halloween display will be simply “gourd-geous”!

When it comes to spooky fun, there’s no holiday quite like Halloween. This year, it’s important to be able to enjoy this fantastic holiday safely as you enjoy some neighborhood contest ideas, host a party, or collect your sweet candy stash. Whether you’re young or just a kid at heart, there’s no denying that Halloween is a fantastically fun holiday. If you’re looking for ways to make 2020 something special again through the magic of Halloween, read on for some great ideas and safety tips for a memorable Halloween and fall season.

Settle into your darkened room and invite friends from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD to join you in the haunted town of Shiver River, with custom video experiences that will send shivers down your spine, surprises around every corner, brain teasers that will tax your problem-solving skills and lead you down a mysterious path to the ultimate Shiver River win.

iD Tech is offering a free, online Halloween experience inside Roblox, one of the fastest growing game-creation platforms on the planet. Virtual trick-or-treaters will navigate through a series of Halloween favorites like haunted house obbys, a corn maze, costume shop, fortune teller, bounce house, virtual photo-ops, and more. The event is for ages 7-17, and runs from Friday, October 30th through Sunday, November 1st. 

Stay creative at home with Tatro® 2020 Halloween Toys!