In 2020, children value time. Tatro Toys asked over 100 kids what they valued this year. Some of their responses may surprise you.

In 2020, children value time. Tatro Toys asked over 100 kids what they valued this year. Some of their responses may surprise you.

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Tatro Toys recently asked over 100 kids this holiday season what they valued in 2020. Some of their responses were surprising.

This year has been difficult for many families, especially for kids learning the “new normal”. Families, and especially kids have dealt with isolation from friends and extended family to hybrid or virtual learning, and for many a loss of a family member. This year has offered many unexpected challenges and forced many to adjust creatively. Tatro Toys in partnership with other businesses produced an alternative to traditional Santa visits during the COVID-19 Pandemic with a drive-by event for free Santa photos and craft bags. Parents were asked to fill out a survey for their kids to provide Santa with “thankful” wishes to power his sleigh on Christmas Eve. Tatro Toys wanted to create a space for kids to be thankful and express what they valued this year.

Some of the participants’ responses were as expected, such as family and health. The participants also expressed the values of friends, home, Christmas, and school. But something else came to the surface in their responses. The participants also included values more eye-opening such as time, and being safe. Will Barrios the Founder of Tatro Toys and Certified Play Expert (CPE) had this to say about the survey results,

“We wanted to offer a safe alternative to Santa visits this year and in the process encourage a conversation about values. We expected the normal responses from kids, and frankly, thought they would be more interested in toys. But what came out of this is an inside look at how kids feel toward the end of 2020. Though they definitely shared their wishlist with us, they were concerned with the most basic needs: time and safety.”

While many kids schooled virtually or in a hybrid fashion this year, the survey potentially suggests that time has become something very important to kids. Perhaps as families spent more time at home and interacted in ways they hadn’t pre-pandemic, their bond grew tighter. As the pandemic forced many families to co-exist together for months on end, perhaps while teaching kids to wash their hands, socially distance, and wear a mask these safety measures gave kids some consistency, which made them feel safe and comfortable in an out of control year.

Thanks to these kids, the “thankful” wishes sent to Santa will power his sleigh to make this Christmas a magical one. Perhaps a simpler holiday than previous years, but for kids, more time spent with family. Kids may also feel safer in the coming months as just this week vaccines roll out to communities across the U.S.

The average age of the respondents was 6 years old and all participants ranged in age from 2 to 12 years.

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