Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Tatro®: Hand-Built Magnetic Toys are made in small batches, which makes each product unique and special, just for you. We put our fun-loving creativity into everything we do. Each toy is hand-built and packed in our own facility with care. We source locally, when possible, and independently distribute our product so there is no middleman between you and your brand new toys.

One word: magic! We get to work adding special magnetic powers to each and every toy we make. Toys are packed in our own facility and shipped with care. We’re a family business and when you support us, you support a small business with a big dream to “encourage expression through imagination”.

A portion of all proceeds are donated to organizations which spark creativity in kids.

You found us! We take a slightly different approach than the average toy company. We are focused primarily on e-commerce and pop-up events. Tatro® brand products are available online only through our site.

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We want your purchase experience to WOW you! We believe in a personal one-on-one customer experience and offer many ways to shop that can be personalized just for you.

You can shop our online store at anytime, day or night.

If you are unsure about what to get, or need some help making the right decision, we offer 2 excellent Personal Shopping experiences:


Option 1: Live Virtual Shopping

Option 2: Let the Experts Pick


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Ohhh good question! 🙂

The Tatro® Just Play Brand Promise offers you a guarantee that every product you purchase is built with Happiness, Care, Planet, Love, and Safety in mind.

When you buy Tatro® products you know your only worry is getting the kids to stop playing. Each product comes with our Just Play Brand Promise which is our commitment to provide you with the best products and services that inspire unlimited creative and imaginative play. Nothing should get in the way of your playtime.

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We don’t have one. Really!

In short, yes! Not only is each toy tested with parents and kids in-home but they must meet our group of parent tester’s full approval before we put our product into the world. We keep safety documentation on file for all products which can be accessed by emailing us

We are so excited when we ship our toys that we want to get them to you as quickly as possible!

We offer FREE Ground Shipping on All U.S. Orders.

Additional Shipping Options:

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When we can, we might surprise you with a FREE upgrade on shipping.

Shipping time does not include processing which can take 2-3 days, excluding weekends.

Absolutely! Just send us an email at or reply to the order confirmation to reach us.

We very rarely have discounts, sales or promotions. That’s because our product is hand-built with love, which makes our costs a little higher than a regular toy company. We also invest heavily in research and development to make our products just right, for you.

When we do have sales or promotions, we share them with our audience via email or social media. Sign-up at the bottom of our site.

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We produce all of our products in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Our team works out of both Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Really good question!

There are 2 parts to this. Here we go…

First, all Tatro®: Hand-Built Magnetic Toys are just that, hand-built with love in our own facility. Because of our approach to toy making our costs are higher than toys which are mass produced and made using an injection mold process.

Second, our toys are magnetic or have magnetic components which raises the cost of the toy but ensures durable, repeatable, and unique play for years to come. We also source some of the best kid-safe magnetic material available for the ultimate in playability.

We are always on the lookout for new types of safe magnetic play. Some of the magnetic material we use is so new and unique it’s a brand new type of material which makes the cost higher, but increases the value of your playtime.

For more information on our commitment to safety, please see “I’ve heard magnetic toys are dangerous for kids. How do I know if Tatro® toys are safe?”.

Tatro®: Hand-Built Magnetic Toys offer a unique combination of quality craftsmanship, luxurious materials, and a wholesome and developmentally beneficial play experience for years to come. It should come as no surprise that you get what you pay for in toys.

You can contact us anytime at

Our regular business hours are Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm CST. All federal holidays observed.


Due to varying sizes, weights and dimensions, it’s best to check the description on each product page.

We have seen many children play with Tatro® products and mature with them over time. We know that you will love the classic and timeless play of Tatro®: Hand-Built Magnetic Toys. The Tatro® Magnetic Dough and Tatro® GO! Travel Playsets are a good grasping size for younger kids, who will eventually grow with the toy.

We offer free repairs for the life of your toy (while parts are available). We can replace or fix minor damages. We offer free drop off and pick up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. If you are outside of Baton Rouge just pay a $15 mailing fee. 

When your order is shipped, we will send you an email to confirm your shipment. This email will include a tracking number and link to enable you to track your package. Tracking information can take up to 24 hours to appear. If you have any questions after receiving your tracking information, please contact us at or reply directly to the shipment confirmation email.

We are required to charge taxes in any state we have a physical presence. We are located in Louisiana and charge taxes only on in-state purchases.

Absolutely. We want to provide a secure shopping experience from top to bottom. While no company can fully avoid a potential hack, we want to be transparent about who we use and how we use services to protect your data.

We use WordPress with a WooCommerce store, both are commonly used platforms. Similar company sites that use WordPress are The Walt Disney Company, Time Inc., The New York Times Company, Sony, and MTV News.

From WooCommerce, “Because WooCommerce is built on WordPress, a given WooCommerce site is overall exactly as secure as the WordPress installation itself. This is good news since WordPress is used by over 19.5 million websites…”

For more details on WordPress WooCommerce security, please visit the WooCommerce Security FAQ page.

There are many types of magnetic toys on the market like Tatro®: Hand-Built Magnetic Toys that are safe, fun, and educational. In recent years, there has been concern around the use of Neodymium magnet toys or “sphere magnets” which are fully exposed round magnets, generally marketed to adults.

Neodymium magnet toys have been known to cause ingestion hazards in children.

Our Tatro® Playset Characters and Movers use rare earth magnets which are fully enclosed inside 3D printed plastic parts. Tatro® Magnetic Dough is made with Iron Oxide which is magnetic receptive but not magnetic itself.

Here is more information about our 3D printing process:

We produce plastic parts using the latest in 3D printing. This means that our rare earth magnets are fully enclosed inside each piece. Yes, really! They are placed inside each piece halfway through the print and enclosed for ultimate safety. Enclosing the magnet in a full piece of plastic gives us a safety advantage over other toys that use glue or other elements to bind two separate plastic parts together, which can sometimes come apart exposing the magnet. Safety documentation is kept on file and can be accessed by emailing

Not at all! Phewwww.

Our illustrated magnets are composed of a ferrite material that will not damage your phone or other electronics. We use rare earth magnets in our Tatro® Playset Characters and Movers, which are stronger than ferrite but are deep enough in the toy that they will not cause any issues. Rare earth magnets are similar magnets that your phone is likely to come into contact with during everyday use such as those in magnetic cases or cradles or on your purse or handbag.

Yes! Please email us at for international shipping rates. Please send us your shipping address when you contact us.

Yes, we can!

The magnets that come with the Tatro® Magnetic Dough are made of a ferrite material which has a low to medium hold. We do not use exposed ceramic or neodymium magnets, which are stronger, due to safety reasons.

For best results, please be patient as you attach the magnets to the dough. The magnets are meant to be placed on the dough for unlimited creative fun but they are not strong enough to lift the dough, or attract the dough away from a surface. 

Hand-built magnetic toys means our process is built with love, for you. Because of this our costs are high and we cannot offer wholesale prices at this time.

Still have an unanswered question? Reach out to us at and we’d be more than happy to help.