Tatro® GO! Travel Playset

Make sure you have everthing you need to start:

  • (1) 8.5×11 Magnetic Sheet
  • (1) 8.5×11 Accessory Pack Label for Magnetic Sheet
  • (1) 8.5×11 Background
  • (1) 9×6 Magnetic Material with Adhesive
  • (1) 9×6 Soft-Touch Foam Board
  • (1) Pair of Scissors, (2 or more) if child is participating

Once you’ve checked your pack of goodies get ready to start! Grab the adhesive sheet with the multiple images and pull off the backing.


Wipe off 8.5″x11″ magnetic sheet and apply adhesive sheet to white side of magnetic sheet. If you get bubbles or make mistakes, don’t worry. You can clean it up later. Now, grab a pair of scissors and cut along the dotted lines. Continue until all images are cut out into rectangles and/or squares.


Next, grab the adhesive sheet with the background. Cut out the background along the dotted lines

Grab the 9″x6″ magnetic adhesive material and pull off the backing. Apply to soft-touch foam board and press down across the board to make sure it adheres to the material.


Pull backing off the background that you previously cut and apply to magnetic adhesive material. Congrats! You’ve just made your board!

Now, if you would like, go back to the magnet images you cut out and decide if you want to keep the straight lines are cut closer around the image. The choice is yours!

Place the multiple images, which are now magnetic, on the board and play!

Here’s a great way to start:

  • Name your characters
  • Pick an event
  • Pick a challenge they must overcome

That’s it…you’re on your way to hours of fun!