Let Yourself Play

This gallery is about finding the opportunity to play in ways that are innately you. Just as Spring is about change, so is the opportunity to play. Let yourself have fun in the moment. Create with what you have and share it with others.

As you look through the screen in front of you please take time to reflect with your family and start a conversation about all the ways you can “make” creative time fun.

– Andy Pfrimmer

Art takes one form and then morphs into something new. It follows mood and can be as rigid as cliffs eroded by the sea. It is a gelatinous blob that creeps, springs, and drips across an ever-changing landscape on each passing rolling hill. Art moves and moves and flows and extols. Art breaths and talks and lets us know that art is a fluid creature.

Andy Pfrimmer is an artist in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He works primarily in acrylic ink and watercolor. He also dabbles in various other mediums.

To learn more about Andy Pfrimmer or his art, please visit his website here.