Glitter and Be Unicorn Tatro® Magnetic Coloring Cards


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Everyone deserves to glitter! Reach for the stars and be a magical unicorn in a candy-colored, jewel and rainbow world!

The Tatro® Magnetic Coloring Cards are great for gifts, birthdays, or just because.


Inspired by the magic and whimsy of the Tatro® Playset themes.


Pack of 4 coloring magnets.

Each magnet is about 5.5″ x 4.25″ with a .20 mil thickness for durability and strength.


  1. Tegan Brady

    These coloring cards are genius! The kids keep asking to color one more. It was incredible how focused they were on their creations. They also had fun throwing their art at the fridge to make it stick. I love that it stays on the fridge much better than their paper artwork.

    Card 1
    Card 2
    Card 3
    Card 4

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